Elle Varner: Up Fashion’s Avenue


Printed in RunwayNews.com Fall 2012

Elle Varner, who noticeably shares her name with the popular fashion magazine, has stand out style. However, it is not just the singer’s soulful vocal style that has made people turn and look. In an interview on the campaign trail Mrs. Obama noted that, “Perfectly Imperfect” is on her daughter’s playlist but it gets better.

It is also Ms. Varner’s fashion style, from the “get go”, that is simply amazing. One look at her first video, “Only want to give it to you” and one has to admit Varner is seemingly fearless and high wattage. The stylista admits it didn’t just start with her. She describes her grandmothers as ladies who were fashionable from head to toe. “These ladies traveled to Paris and Vienna.”

In addition to completing her album, working on a clothing and accessories line, Varner recently started a movement called Hug Life. In a recent interview she declares, “Every thug just needs a hug. If I could promote being positive and non-violent that would be crazy.” No matter how her style develops Varner has a lot of substance to go the distance.

Q– How would you describe your personal style? What do you think sets you apart?
A– I think what sets it apart is that it’s very unpredictable. I can’t put myself in one box.
Q– How do you think your style developed- in school, at parties, were you in any pageants?
A– My style started to develop in high school. I loved the attention even if people didn’t like what I was wearing. I loved that I stood out from everybody else. Working as a professional artist has given me a segue into the real high fashion world and I find a way to mix and match those worlds together- My everyday girl with high fashion.
Q– Do you have any favorite trends right now?
A– I said earlier today, you can wear sneakers; you can wear flats, now there are wedge sneakers. There is all kind of ways to be comfortable and chic at the same time.
Q– Do you have any favorite high fashion designers?
A– Diane Von Furstenberg- I love her story. She was one of the first designers in the meatpacking district. Now it’s an incredible place. I love the way she uses prints. There is a lot of fun in her clothes. Patricia Fields and Betsey Johnson are also two of my favorites for that reason.
Q– Do you have any style icons?
A– Diana Ross is a big one. She just has a regal- she can wear a tank top and it could be incredible. Part of that is her and how she exuthes confidence and “amazingness”. I grew up around a lot of older people and that what influences my love of old school style.

“I like classic beauty,” Varner says. She gazes up and strikes a pose. Fierce fashion mixed with classic beauty is an interesting combination. Yes, Elle Varner definitely has range. Her single, “I don’t care” from “Perfectly Imperfect” was recently featured on 106th and Park.

Naturi: Poised with the Ticket to Win


Printed in RunwayNews.com Fall 2010

The Foyer

It’s 11:00 am and everyone is eagerly awaiting actress/singer Naturi Naughton’s arrival.  She slips into the entrance hall of New York’s luxurious Bryant Park Hotel.  Introductions are made.  By the looks of her golden-yellow dress and striped sandles we have a stylista in the place.

Mrs. Naughton’s latest project is the role of Stacie in the movie Lottery Ticket.The film is directed by Erik White and stars Bow Wow.  Ice Cube is an executive producer in the venture.

The Dressing Room

Naughton gets ready to gear up as a full glam squad prepares her for the photoshoot.  For most of the time she keeps a low profile. The young star was born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey.  By 5 years old she was singing in the choir of a local Baptist Church. At 15 she was singing with the group 3LW but left after three years because of a dispute with management.

Naughton has starred in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical as Little Inez. She also played rapper Little Kim in Notorious, a biopic about the late great rapper Notorious BIG and lead in the remake of fame, Denise.

The Cellar

She is draped from head to toe in an elegant Black House of Dereon Gown.  This is one of those places where high powered deals are made inthe twilight hours.  The vibe seems right.

The Stairwell

Patrons of the hotel stop to see what is happening.  You can see she has a demure side as she poses.  The audience is captured and everything is in sync.

In Lottery Ticket, she is the girl next door who has it all together. Aspiring to new heights her character is about to go to college.  She encourages Kevin Carson who is played by Bow Wow to re-think new wealth he has found.

On Top

The team takes the last shot.  The day is over and Naturi gets ready to leave. Suddenly, just as she came she is gone.  That actress is so drama-free, however don’t take it the wrong way.  Next stop the red carpet.

Lottery Ticket is in theaters nation-wide on Friday, August 20th.